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Monday, 28 May 2012

I still can't accept the fact that you're gone. I honestly look up to you. you've always been so strong. You know you have that within you and yet you've kept your heads up high. It makes me feel guilty cause I now realised to appreciate what I have. If I were to go back in time, I wouldn't even fucking bother complaining about the small things. I honestly admire your courageous. Your smiles and your laughters towards others make people remember you for who you are. We grew up in the same institution yet I feel immensely bad for not keeping in contact. You've always been a gentleman. I can still remember your smiles.You light up people's faces with your sense of humor. I hate the fact that I didn't get to know you better, but if I did, I would of made the most out of it.Nevertheless, it was an absolute pleasure knowing you. I still remember in temple how you've always been nice, how you know I had crooked teethe but you managed to put me in my comfort zone. It's something that I will never forget.Please forgive me, I knew you had cancer but whenever I look at you..You make me forget everything. Is that what you're good at? Making people think you're fine but deep down you're not :( If so, I know how you feel! I bet it's your willpower and strengths. You're always smiling regardless of the situation and I'm thankful to see that you have such a great friendship beside you. I hope your friends and family will stay strong and I believe there hearts will always be forever with you. I will always remember you as an icon♥ gone but never forgotten.
My condolences goes to your family and friends.
 You have my word, as soon as I achieve my dream.. I'll donate all my money to an organisation/charity. I now have a great thoughtful dream to persue .And yes I will accomplish it regardless. Even if I don't take that pathway, I would join an organisation and help children with cancer. It's what I can do on your behalf.
 R.I.P David.<3

Monday, 20 February 2012

I've just opened up to my mother about boys, she's able to read people's personality from their appearance. I don't know how that actually works but anyways... :), I showed her some photos and out all of them, she only liked one. LOL I find that really odd yet funny at the same time. I've always wondered how my husband will look like but that'll be in the future. I've got to focus on my present to reach my goal(s)!!
Must not get distracted! but I don't know how to be motivated.. oh man, this is harder than what Ive thought :(

Friday, 6 January 2012


If I get to meet him one day, I don't think I'll be able to talk! That's so not going to happen HAHA :(

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tumblr doesn't allow me to sign on, theres nothing I can do about it now :L
Today was one of the most weirdest day ever yet memorable. Maybe my eyes were just a tad tired from work but seriously, I saw j v look alike! I glanced to see if it was him, I observed from top to bottom but there were doubts in me. Obviously it's not him but I had this hope that it 'could' be him. After a while, when he was closer to me.. my eyes were wide awake. From that moment, I did abit of you know what a girl would normally do if they see someone cute! well yeah, even if it was him I've regreted taking a nap and make the most out of glazing at him..I was scared that he might noticed so I tried not to make it obvious. Omg. Why am I always living in my own fantasy. I have so much hope which leads to disappointment.
 I'm still following my passion. Ive always believe that : if I don't try then that means I will never able to reach my goals. I have so much dreams to persue and hopefully I'll be able to make my fam bam proud :)
I have heaps of goals in mind, I know there will be obstacles that I'll be needing to overcome . I hope that wouldn;t interfere me much.

I feel blessed, I want to thankyou for those who have always believed in me.I know one day, I'll make yous proud! Mr Ellis is one of the teacher I would never ever forget. Words can't describe how thankful I am today because of him.

hmm..what else do I have in mind.I feel like a loser now.

ps: jv voice is music to my ears.

Monday, 7 November 2011

About me

I'm not perfect, my insecurities are my flaws. I guess my imperfection is what makes me unique as an individuals.
Elise's birthday is comming up,can't wait till I give her pressie!! :)
Not working with Natalie, sucks! :( I hope she have an outrageous journey to Vietnam ! :) <3

I was looking at one of my comment, and it says : I take photos to express how I feel..What the actual heck was I thinking???!!! HAHA
It was not what I meant, what I was trying to inform people is the passion.. Or maybe I'm just a luvo? But I don't know... I enjoy taking photos. When I look back, it'll be filled with memories and so on. Do I even make sense? :S